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Commercialising 30 years of clinical experience in gut nutrition into breakthrough medical devices

The concept behind The Insides™ System was originally conceived by Professor Ian Bissett in the 1980s from his time as a general surgeon in Nepal, where there was limited access to surgery.

During this experience, he observed an unmet clinical need in patients who were severely malnourished as a result of intestinal failure.

Professor Ian Bissett (Right) and Nepali colleague, Dr Bhoj Raj Neupani (Left) performing surgery on a patient in Western Nepal

Our mission is to be the leader in health solutions for gut health

The Insides™ Company’s mission is to become the leading innovator and provider of medical devices to the growing global community of colorectal surgeons and healthcare specialists.

Stoma Therapist Holding The Insides™ System Chyme Reinfusion System

Key People

The Insides™ Company develops life-changing medical devices for people who are recovering from severe intestinal conditions including inflammatory bowel disease, colorectal cancer and intestinal fistulas. Our mission is to empower patients to take control of their condition.

Dr Dennis Row


Garth Sutherland


Professor Ian Bissett

Founder & Chief Medical Officer

Professor Greg O’Grady

Executive Director, Founder & Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. John Davidson

Executive Director, Founder & Chief Operation Officer

Rob Davidson

Executive Director, Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Tina Mason

Quality, Regulatory & Sustainability Manager

Duncan Cunninghame

Business Development Manager EU

William Lin

Commercial Analyst

Professor Gil Hardy

Scientific Advisor

Nancy Yopp

Non-Executive Director - Regulatory

Work at the forefront of gut health & life-changing medical technology

We have openings at offices all around the world. If there isn’t an opening in your area, get in touch, we are always on the lookout for great talent.

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R&D Engineer

This role encompasses the design, development, management, and on-going support of medical devices introduced to the market by The Insides Company.

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