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Stoma-Output Reinfusion Device for Ileostomy Patients:A Feasibility Study

Chen Liu, M.B.Ch.B. • Emma Ludlow, B.H.Sci. • Robert B. Davidson, B.E. John B. Davidson, Ph.D. • Kaitlyn S. Chu, B.E. (Hons.) • Gregory O’Grady, Ph.D. Ian P. Bissett, M.D

June 2021


Patients with ileostomy experience considerable morbidity before reversal. Dehydration is common, accounting for up to 43% of unplanned readmissions, and rates of prolonged postoperative ileus (PPOI) after reversal are up to 20%. Chyme reinfusion and preoperative bowel stimulation have attracted growing interest as strategies to mitigate these risks. Widespread use has yet to gain traction because existing methods are labor intensive, purpose-built equipment is lacking, and patient acceptance is poor. We recently reported first-in-human feasibility-level results of a novel chyme reinfusion device, known as the Insides System (The Insides Company) for use in enteroatmospheric fistula and enterostomy patients. Here we report the clinical findings and technologic advances during an extended feasibility study using this device in a larger cohort of patients with ileostomy exclusively.

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