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June 2, 2021

Since launching, we have received a number of enquiries about our Chyme Reinfusion System from Clinicians who have patients with High Output Enteroatmospheric Fistulas (EAF), only to then be updated that the patient has suffered a severe complication and is no longer available for treatment. High output EAFs are catastrophic conditions with high mortality rates, from 20% to 30% (1).

On the back of this pattern, we are writing this invitation to welcome all Clinicians involved in the care of EAF patients to contact us to learn about our technology! It is never too early for us to engage. Although our System is easy to learn and adopt even when a patient needs it urgently, we do also welcome the opportunity to discuss and provide training on the use of the technology before the need arises.

Using The Insides™ Systemfi to treat an EAF patient quickly enables the patient to recommence oral feeding, thereby gaining weight, weaning off TPN, and therefore significantly derisking their chances of line sepsis. (2-4).

Although Chyme Reinfusion is not a new treatment, what the The Insides Company has done is revolutionise the process of performing Chyme Reinfusion, making it more easy for both Clinician and patient, making it acceptable, clean, faster, more comfortable and hassle free.

Our System enables patients to recommence oral feeding and wean off parenteral nutrition in as little as 3-days, restoring gut continuity, rebuilding the natural microbiome, and reducing the risk of renal and liver damage (5-6).

We look forward to talking to you at your earliest convenience. The Insides Company is dedicated to training, educating and supporting your team to allow them to readily treat any new EAF patients in the future.


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